Chicagoland Matchmaking’s process is what sets it apart from the rest of the dating world.  Although I may employ independent recruiters in an effort to continuously meet new people and keep my social network fresh, each potential client meets with me before an introduction is made.  It is imperative to the success of the process that the person who meets and interviews clients is the same person who sees the entire program through to the end.  This approach may be “old school”, but in this ever changing world of dating, I believe there is still an opportunity to get exposure to the right people while circumventing the perils of the online dating world…i.e. photos that are ten years old, meeting married people (I’ve heard it all), etc.

Chicagoland Matchmaking offers packages of introductions to both men and women. Please contact us for pricing and additional info.


Having a problem getting to the ever elusive second date?

Need help with your online dating profile(s)?

Need general guidance on jumping back into the dating world?

Chicagoland Matchmaking can help.  Consider a series of sessions designed to get to the bottom of why your dating tactics aren’t producing desired results. I focus on connecting with clients to get a sense for where they’re coming from, assessing roadblocks head on, and creating an active plan to get you in a happy, productive relationship.

Please contact us for pricing and additional info.

**Coaching is included with all matchmaking programs.