Matchmaking is Personal.
Matchmaking is a Process.

Chicagoland Matchmaking, founded in 2008, was inspired by what was to me a glaring deficiency in the Chicago matchmaking market- that is, a truly personalized approach.  To those who research, the market may seem over saturated by large matchmaking services, but in my professional opinion, this job is not one done well on a large scale.  Most often, potential clients get a sales pitch from a sales person only to be passed on to someone else who manages the program…so I ask, “How can you possibly do an effective job matching someone you’ve never met?”  Matchmaking is personal. 

Truly getting to know someone through an in-person interview, introductions, and feedback is the key to getting to the bottom of what’s working and what’s not.  Most matchmaking firms have a disproportionately high employee turnover rate, and if you don’t work with the same matchmaker from start to finish, a lot can get lost in translation.  A highly personalized approach is essential to success in this business.  Matchmaking is a process.

Chicagoland Matchmaking has arguably one of the largest networks and pool of resources in Chicago.  Over the years,  I have helped many other matchmakers, not only in the Chicagoland area but on a national level as well.  Matchmaking services who have sought my assistance and with whom I’ve successfully collaborated include Kelleher International, Matchmakers of Chicago, Meaningful Matches, Stef and the City, and Elite Private Search (IJL) to name a few.  Because I have fostered solid relationships with other matchmakers, I’m able to utilize my own extensive network while also capitalizing on those of others I respect and trust.  In 15 years, I’ve built this business on relationships, consequent referrals, and generally just doing an excellent job for clients.

Chicagoland Matchmaking offers the best of both worlds- personalized, small business attention coupled with the resources and social network rivaling those of a larger firm.

Face to face interviews, an impressive social network, and building trusting relationships with clients are the hallmarks of Chicagoland Matchmaking.